MARQET Launches Business Search Redesign


For the past month or so, the Arms Dealer developers have been working diligently on Arms Dealer 2.0 which will include some awesome new functionality for gun owners. In the meantime however we took some time to redesign the business search section to be more user friendly and we hope you agree:

The main new features are:

  1. Going to the main business section landing page now intelligently shows you results based on your last search or where our system thinks you are geographically in addition to the searching/filtering form.
  2. We have gotten rid of the wide right sidebar and replaced it with a more narrow left sidebar.
  3. We moved all of the searching/filtering that used to clutter up the area above your search results into the new left sidebar for a much more natural way to narrow your results.
  4. If a certain filter type, has lots of options, they are put into a scrolling panel to make efficient use of screen real estate.

We hope this new design makes it much easier and quicker our users to find local gun shops and shooting ranges.

P.S. This design was also the result of things we learned while developing an awesome new feature in Arms Dealer 2.0, so stay tuned for more information!