MARQET Launches Mobile-friendly Version


A few weeks ago we were looking at our analytics and realized that a good percentage of our visitors were hitting the Arms Dealer website from Android and iOS devices which was very exciting because it meant our site was being used exactly how we intended. That excitement however turned to disappointment once we realized how poorly the Arms Dealer site rendered for these unfortunate souls who were struggling to find information on a desktop-sized site with a mobile-sized screen.

After this our developers sat down to solve the problem and we at Arms Dealer are very proud to announce that last night we deployed a major update to the website that adds support for mobile devices browsing our most important pages. Please check out these before and after screenshots:

The Arms Dealer Homepage

Business Search Results

A Business Profile

In addition to the standard business information pages the mobile site also supports registering, confirming your account, logging in, resetting your password. We plan to add support for more and more functionality over time.

Right now the mobile version of the site auto-detects and loads using the same links as the main site for devices running Android or iOS and we plan to support more as we can test them in the coming weeks. If you are using the mobile site and want to break out into the full site just click the “full” link in the header and the rest of your session will take use the full Arms Dealer website.

Thanks to our mobile visitors who used the site in the past, we hope the update makes you life easier. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact