MARQET would not exist today if not for the hard work and generosity of skilled craftsmen around the world. This page is dedicated to thanking them.

  1. Everyone who continues to develop and maintain Ruby on Rails and it's documentation.
  2. The team behind devise which powers our awesome registration process.
  3. The team behind OmniAuth which allows us to easily integrate with Facebook and Twitter for registration and authentication.
  4. The developers of geoip, a ruby library which allows us to take a pretty good guess at where our visitors are located.
  5. The jammit team for making our pages load faster.
  6. The developers and maintainers of jQuery.
  7. Yusuke Kamiyamane, the creator of the Fugue Icon Set that we use throughout MARQET.
  8. Mark James, the creator of the Silk Icon Set that we use throughout MARQET.
  9. Rogie of Komodo Media for his Twitter, Facebook and OpenID login buttons, 2 of which we use on our login & registration forms.

The foundations laid by these people and organizations have made it feasible for MARQET, and many other companies, to build great things upon them.