MARQET Guidelines

MARQET allows users to contribute various kinds of content such as business reviews to the site which is what makes it so powerful. While acceptable behavior on MARQET generally falls into the category of common sense, every once in a while people need a reminder as to what does and does not pass for good behavior. Please read the guidelines below to ensure you have a firm understanding of what we do not want to see. Content that violates these guidelines is likely to be removed from the site without warning and possibly result in loss of access to ones account.

General Guidelines

  • Inappropriate Content: Passion is great, but we have no tolerance for threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry.
  • Promotional Content: Unless you have a business relationship with MARQET and are acting within that business agreement, we strongly frown upon using the site for promotional purposes. Our users come here to find objective information and do not want to be distracted by inappropriate advertising noise.
  • Off-topic Content: MARQET is committed to helping customers find and review businesses and products, we do not aspire to be a platform for discussions on politics, religion, etc.
  • Privacy Violating Content: Both MARQET users and business owners have a reasonable expectation of privacy with their personal information. It is not appropriate for users to post other people's personal information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Infringing Content: MARQET takes intellectual property seriously and will remove content that violates copyrights or other such laws.

Review Guidelines

We expect all users who are submitting reviews for a business to do so in a way that helps other users learn about that business. With that in mind here are some guidelines:

  1. Review based on personal experience: Users want to hear about your experience, not the experience of someone you know or your coworkers-brother-who-overheard-this-guy. Impersonal reviews are likely to contain factual errors, embellishments and generally be of poor quality.
  2. Review with facts, not emotion: While we strongly encourage users to share their opinions, we encourage them to do so in a way that accurately represents their customer experience with a business. Especially with less-than-positive reviews, other users will appreciate a review that doesn't appear clouded by emotion.
  3. Stick to business interactions: In general other users probably do not care about a personal grudge you may have with a business owner. Likewise, if Joe of Joe's General Store helped you find your lost dog, that's not a good reason to leave his business a positive review. Please limit your reviews to businesses that you have had a customer experience with and stick to that experience in the review.
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest: We do not allow people with personal ties to a business (owner, employee, family, etc.) to review that business or businesses of significant competitors. Businesses caught engaging in "shill" reviewing may have their pages marked as such.