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ArmsDealer is the most extensive and up to date directory of firearms related businesses in the world. Our site is designed from the start to be easy to use. We are also the fastest growing firearm related business directory in the world and have thousands of unique visitors a day.

With ArmsDealer, our users can easily browse and search for business in their area, along with reading and leaving reviews. Due to various state and federal laws, almost all firearms related business must be conducted at an in-state gun shop. This means locality is key.

Assured locality means any advertising can be perfectly targeted towards those in a particular geographic area, since any search for a gun shop or shooting range assuredly means the user is in that area. Further, most of our users fall into highly desirable categories for both net income and age. They also share highly similar hobbies.

Thus, when you advertise with ArmsDealer, who know exactly who you are targeting.

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